Company Policies


  1. BusyLife requires a one-hour minimum on all service calls. A minimum labor charge is necessary for time spent by BusyLife technicians troubleshooting or servicing customer needs.
  2. Within the first hour of service, BusyLife will give the customer a general diagnosis if possible. BusyLife will also provide a general time frame for the services to be completed.
  3. Parts availability may affect completion time, and BusyLife will notify its customers if this occurs.
  4. Replacement parts will be new or rebuilt parts that perform to the factory operational specifications of the equipment and/or product being services.
  5. BusyLife is not an equipment or parts retailer. BusyLife purchases parts on behalf of its customers and requires immediate reimbursement upon presentation of equipment and/or products.
  6. BusyLife charges a flat fee of one-half hour (0.5) for equipment pickup and delivery services. Travel time and mileage will not be assessed within the immediate Los Angeles area of BusyLife’s office. For service calls beyond the immediate Los Angeles area, BusyLife may charge between one-half hour (0.5) to one-hour (1) of service time depending upon the distance. For service calls beyond a 50 mile radius, travel time fees will be negotiated on a per project basis.
  7. BusyLife technicians are committed to provide the best technical service and will repair all apparent defects within the stated time frame unless otherwise requested.
  8. BusyLife provides a 30-day warranty from the date of service on new equipment and/or new products installed and labor performed beyond cleanings. BusyLife only covers the length of time a customer was previously billed. If additional servicing takes longer than the original time spent, Busylife will notify customers for approval and customers will be billed for additional time at BusyLife’s standard rate. Situations not covered under BusyLife’s warranty include: Intentional or unintentional physical damage; Acts of nature (i.e. lightning, floods, infestation, etc.); New problems or defects not previously reported and not in any way related to the original issue; Cleanings, customer adjustments or not complying with BusyLife instructions. When recommendations are not followed or when changes are made to systems by non-BusyLife personnel, BusyLife cannot be held responsible and additional costs may be incurred.
  9. Customers must report any physical damage (i.e., dents or scratches) of units upon completion of service and/or repair (for on-site service) or at the time of equipment pick up (for drop-off service).
  10. BusyLife accepts no responsibility for any equipment and/or product not picked up within 30 days after a customer has been notified to pickup their equipment and/or product. BusyLife may dispose of any unclaimed goods and customers hereby release BusyLife and waive any claims regarding such disposal.
  11. BusyLife will not be responsible for the loss of any information on the media of such equipment and/or products serviced by BusyLife.
  12. Customers are solely responsible prior to any servicing of any computer or installation of computer peripherals, memory, software or upgrades to make sure that their computer system has been completely backed up. BusyLife will not be responsible for the loss of any information from any computer or for the hardware that inadvertently fails while being serviced. Only at a customer’s request prior to beginning any service, BusyLife will attempt to make a backup of a customer’s system on disk(s), CD(s) or tape(s), and will do so prior to beginning installation to or servicing of the customer’s computer. BusyLife will make only one copy of the data and/or software on the system and this copy will be presented to the customer upon payment for services rendered by BusyLife.
  13. Customers must understand and agree that in some instances BusyLife may not be able to access a computer’s data due to pre-existing conditions of the computer or the data. If BusyLife is unable to access information from a customer’s computer and/or detects a failure in any computer hardware component while being serviced, a BusyLife representative will attempt to contact the customer and no further work will be performed on the computer system without customer approval.
  14. Regardless whether or not a customer has requested a backup, and whether or not a backup was successfully made, BusyLife is not responsible for any loss of data or for hardware that fails during the servicing of a customer’s computer.
  15. Payment is due upon completion of services and/or pickup of equipment unless other arrangements have been made in advance with BusyLife in writing. BusyLife does not offer payment terms to non-business customers. Payment terms are only at BusyLife’s discretion and must be negotiated in the form of a BusyLife Tech Support Service Agreement. All returned checks are assessed a $25.00 fee.
  16. BusyLife reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

Click here for a printable version of the BusyLife Tech Support Company Policies.