Research & Shopping Services

We can find, purchase and train you in the best equipment for all your tech needs.


Let Us Help You Find What You’re Looking For… Ask About Our Phone Support Services!

Are you frustrated with search engines? Do you ever feel overwhelmed trying to search through masses of confusing technical information? Are you sure you’re getting the best possible deal online or from your local retailer?

BusyLife understands how you feel. Sometimes all you want is a simple answer to a simple question fast! Right?

Whether you need: software drivers, system patches, equipment upgrades, hardware components (i.e. hard drives, power supplies, ram, network cards, etc.), software applications, or technology research (i.e. what system to buy, price comparisons, security issues, etc.), we’re ready to help.

Whether you’re a student, career person or busy homemaker, let BusyLife make your life easier so you can have more time for school, work, family and play.

Well, now you can ask us your questions and we’ll help you find whatever you want or need. We often offer our phone support services as part and parcel of our other support services, but if you don’t require on-site service, repair, training, or maintenance, we can help you find whatever your heart desires or provide stand alone phone support for a nominal fee.

Call us at 310-478-6620, 310-770-3448, or 626-833-9200 today to ask about our phone support services at rock bottom rates.


No Time to Shop?

Let us do the shopping for you! Tell us what you want and we’ll find the best deal for the items on your list. We do the research and let you approve the transaction before we buy it on your behalf. We can handle the sale for you or hold your hand through the purchase process.

Whether you are shopping for a new computer for home, a laptop for travel, software for school, or procuring office equipment and supplies for your small business, we can take the “busy” work out of your hectic schedule.

We realize that not everything you want or need can be found online. And just because something can be found on the web doesn’t always mean it’s the best deal. So we work as easily for you in the real world as we do in cyberspace to help you find and purchase exactly what you want at the best possible price.

Our Commitment to Your Satisfaction

Our research and shopping services are guaranteed. If we don’t find it, you don’t pay. It’s that simple! Your complete satisfaction is our first priority. Additionally, your personal information will never be used for any reason other than delivering you the best possible service from BusyLife.


Go From Newbie to SuperUser in No Time

Are you tired of knowing that 10-year-olds know more about computers and the Internet than you do? Would you like to be able to utilize online resources effortlessly to enjoy more free time with friends and family? You need BusyLife!

Are you and your employees computer literate? Does your company do more with the Internet than check the weather, stock quotes and news headlines? Are you using the latest technological advances to your company’s benefit? Would you like to create a more efficient, streamlined office?

We can also train small businesses to utilize affordable new software solutions and technologies to more effectively grow their businesses in an increasing competitive marketplace.

Whether you want to learn computer basics, a specific software application, or learn how to surf the Net more easily, we can teach you how it all works and show you what you want to learn. Go fast or slow…we’ll be there with you every step of the way!

Here are some of the technology areas we can assist you in:

  • Computer (Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Training)
  • Internet (Websites, Blogs, Search Engine Optimization, eCommerce, etc.)
  • Personal Digital Assistants
  • Cell Phones
  • Software (Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Databases, etc.)
  • PowerPoint and Multimedia Presentations
  • Databases
  • Spyware and Viruses

We offer all levels of training programs. Whether your a novice or advanced user, we’ll work with you at your own pace. Affordable hourly rates are available for private training sessions. Call for a customized price quote. Discounts are available for group and long-term training programs.

Not only are BusyLife’s training programs easy, they are a bargain too! The days of expensive computer consultants are over. Call 310-478-6620, 310-770-3448, or 626-833-9200 today to arrange for training services.


Take Care of Your Investment

Buying new computers and other electronic devices is a lot of fun. And it’s even more enjoyable when that technology works smoothly. When computers fail, it feels like your life is on hold too. Our culture has become so dependent upon technology that it’s in our best interest as a computer users to make sure that we care for our equipment.

Computers are no longer luxury items, but rather everyday appliances that require routine maintenance. Regularly scheduled system maintenance will ensure the long life and efficient usage of your technology equipment investment. You have a choice, take care of your system now or pay for it later. It’s up to you.

Protect Your Data

You’ve probably heard the saying that the three most important business decisions a company can make is: LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. Technology has its own three cardinal rules: BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP. We can’t emphasize the obviousness of this statement, but even experienced computer users frequently fail to heed this warning.

Bad hard drives and data retrieval is one of the most common reasons for having to call a tech support specialist. You can never predict when a hard drive will crash so don’t take chances. Want to save money and unnecessay headaches… the answer is simple is BACKUP!

There are many methods to choose from: external hard drives, USB flash drives, external hard drives, etc. Call BusyLife to find out which solution would be best for your situation.

Viruses and Spyware

Don’t go a day without virus protection. Viruses don’t just come through email anymore. If you have DSL, than you need to consult BusyLife to make sure you have the best possible Internet security solutions. Having the right configuration for your needs can save you a lot of dough long term. Protecting your system is more cost effective than you may realize. Many open source program are FREE and just as reliable as brand name products. We’ll show you how to find the best products as well as the most cost effective. The best doesn’t always mean the most expensive.

Want to know more call BusyLife for assistance with regular maintenance, backups and system security issues. You’ll save money in long run. Call 310-478-6620, 310-770-3448, or 626-833-9200 today to schedule a service appointment or consultation.