Small Business Services

Outsourcing is more cost effective than building multiple departments in-house. Our extensive network of computer specialists has expertise in all the technical areas an emerging business needs in order to stay on top of things. Let BusyLife assess, purchase, install, and train your orgainization with just the right network, hardware, and software, customized personally to your company’s requirements. We can assist with all or part of the process of developing a more efficient office environment.

Technical Support

We can work on an as-need basis or offer tailored programs for your ongoing support needs. We understand that not all small businesses or home offices require the services of a full-time support specialist. However, even if you or your company determines that its growth warrants a dedicated specialist, there are several key advantages to utilizing external technical support services vs. full-time employees:

We offer a wider range of expertise and support services due to a vast array of contacts in a variety of areas within the technology community.

We have greater technological experience due to ongoing hands-on servicing of computers, networks, and web applications for a broad cross-section of business customers.

Our services enable your employees to focus on their specific work duties instead of “wearing more hats” than they are qualified to handle.

We come to your offices for troubleshooting and maintenance and, if necessary, we can transport more problematic computers back to our workshop to thoroughly investigate, repair and then return it for no additional travel charges.

Routine Maintenance

Technologies have evolved so rapidly and computers have become increasingly reliable so much so that sometimes companies forget that these invaluable business tools need regular attention. In fact, just like any other essential piece of machinery, computers and networks need routine maintenance and scheduled back-ups.

Even though society has become so reliant upon computers, companies as well as home users sometimes fail to pay attention to the very systems that create greater productivity and efficiency in their life. So whether you or your company has one, five, or 50 computers, it’s important to protect your technology investments through regular preventive maintenance. Doing so will prolong your systems’ life and potentially avoid chronic major problems. Here are just some of the ways we can help:

Appropriate utilities are initiated during each visit to check for potential problems and optimize performance levels.

Virus definitions are updated and thorough scans run regularly

We recommend the best maintenance schedule for your environment and contact you at appropriate intervals.

Our customized pricing schedules provide savings for major projects and more frequent visits.

At each visit, we thoroughly assess each machine, all systems and network (if applicable), and then submit written recommendations to our customers.

Business Development Services

Need extensive corporate research for a major project or presentation? Need a spreadsheet, charts, graphs, more? How about a colorful computer slide show presentation, but don’t know how to use Power Point or Excel? Whether you need some help in desktop publishing, corporate communications or assistance with writing a business plan, BusyLife can help our corporate customers every step of the way without bursting a small business budget in the process.

We understand what it’s like to grow a business. That’s one of the key reasons we started BusyLife…to make your life a little easier (and that means work too)! Whether you need help with routine administrative tasks, maintaining a network, or more specialized website development projects, we can help you accomplish your goals without giving you a heart attack when you get the invoice.

If you think that you can’t afford to hire a specialist for all these different tasks, call BusyLife for a customized estimate today. Our goal is to help you achieve your objectives, grow your business and save you money in the process.

Our List of Business Services

  • PC / Macs
  • Setup and installation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance and backups
  • Upgrades and repair
  • Executive and staff training
  • Firewalls and security
  • Data transfer and recovery
  • Virus removal and protection
  • Servers and networks (setup and maintenance)
  • Cable and wiring
  • DSL and broadband
  • Phone systems
  • Graphic design
  • Charts, graphs, spreadsheets
  • Database development
  • Digital photograpy
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Digital video editing
  • Corporate websites